The range is open to the members and public.

Range open and close times will be posted here.

The range is Open for normal use.

The range hours are from 8 am to 4 pm.

*We want to thank those of you that know what it’s like to have a place to shoot. However, due to recent misuse of the range we are changing a few things. The range hours will be shorter effective immediately. Unfortunately, we have to state the following as well. There is no need to be in the bunker at any time. The provided netting is the only place to hang your paper targets. Please respect others time at the range, limit your shooting sessions to 30 minutes. Please see all rules listed below as well.

The range is closed for all club events. Please visit the Events page to see more information regarding those times and dates. The range may be closed without notice due to weather.

Be safe, respect the people and property.

Range Rules

The range is for the shooters that know what it means to have a place to shoot. Please shoot safely and pick up when you are done. Please leave a donation at the gate. This will help us keep the range open to the public.

If you are shooting before or after the posted times you are trespassing and subject to prosecution under the law. The range is under 24 hour surveillance.

  • No automatic fire, no rapid fire, or clip dumping
  • Aim (no hip shooting)
  • Use of Exploding targets is forbidden.
  • Use range etiquette, please limit your shooting session to 30 minutes or less.
  • Paper targets only, and hang them only on the netting.
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Please set up in front of the trap houses when using your own throwers
  • Stay out of the bunker